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Gladiator Style Sword

Just like the one used in the movie. Features a long unsharpened double edged blade - much longer t

Price: 99.99 USD
Collector's King Arthur's Excalibur

- Accents of 24 karat gold and sterling silver - Crafted by the sword masters of Toledo Spain - Temp

Price: 549.99 USD
8'' Survival skinner w/nylon sheat(black)

Price: 11.99 USD
Push Dagger 7 1/4'' w/ Sheath

Price: 23.99 USD
Cherokee & Chippewa Tomahawks

A) Cherokee Tomahawk or B) Chippewa Tomahawk. Each features a hardwood handle with a decorative carb

Price: 15.00 USD
Landesknecht Flamberge Sword

Landesknecht Flamberge Sword - lether wrapped. This historical sword is an exact replica of the ori

Price: 75.00 USD
Lancelot's Blades from King Arthur Movie w/ Back Sheath

Rule Your Fate We present to you Lancelot's Blades from the blockbuster movie King Arthur! About the

Price: 47.99 USD
ProForce? Lightning Headguard - Headgear - Black

7/8'' foam provides coverage for top - back and sides of head - plus forehead. Well ventilated on

Price: 33.00 USD
ProForce? Ultimate Headguard - Headgear

ProForce? introduces the ultimate headguard! If protecting your face is a major concern - than this

Price: 60.00 USD
ProForce? Full Headguard - Headgear (Black leather)

Offering maximum coverage for your head - this ProForce? headguard covers your ears - jaw - templ

Price: 56.40 USD
Father & Son Training Set

Start teaching your child self-defense while enjoying an aerobic activity with this great set design

Price: 37.20 USD
Everlast? Youth Boxing Gloves

Designed and styled from professional boxing gloves - this pair is designed to fit the smaller hand

Price: 30.00 USD
Versaflex? Stretcher

This durable and versatile home stretcher stretches up to 190 degrees! Features a four position stre

Price: 226.80 USD
ProForce Thunder Headgear

This state-of-the-art black leather head gear includes an adjustable chin strap and hook and loop cl

Price: 41.40 USD
Everlast? Genuine Leather Speed Bag

Everlast?'s highest quality speed bag offers the perfect shape and balance to give you a better work

Price: 52.20 USD
Everlast? Standard Adjustable Speedbag Platform

A great set up with this 24'' solid wood platform drum attached to all steel construction with steel

Price: 57.60 USD
Everlast? Canvas Heavy Bag

Designed to withstand extensive training programs - these easy to set up 100% cotton canvas heavy b

Price: 105.00 USD
Everlast? Martial Arts Double End Training Bag

Measuring 12'' x 24'' and weighing in at 25 lbs. - this durable leather grained Nevatear? covered b

Price: 56.40 USD
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Everlast? 25 Position Heavy Bag/Speed Bag Stand

The most versatile combination stand on the market! Made of heavy duty Powder Coated Steel - with a

Price: 206.40 USD
Everlast? Boxing/Martial Arts Deluxe Training and Fitness Set

Definitely one of the best heavy bag sets we offer from Everlast?. Everything you need for a complet

Price: 120.00 USD
Adidas? Leg Protector with Instep Guard

Need a little more coverage over the instep than our regular leg protector can provide? Then you nee

Price: 36.60 USD
Adidas? Leg Protector

Nobody should workout without a double layer of padding over the front of their shins. Adidas? kept

Price: 34.80 USD
Striking Points Makiwara Bag

Develop strength and power in your punches while toughenting your skin and hardening your fist. This

Price: 21.60 USD
Pro Makiwara Board - Karate Letters

A smaller version of our Deluxe model - this makiwara measures 4-1/2'' x 16'' x 3''. Features the s

Price: 20.40 USD
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Kwang Fighting Knife

Kwang Fighting Knife - 12 inch Blade. From the deep - dark jungles of Africa - we present the Kwa

Price: 26.40 USD
Celtic Princess Collection

Celtic Princess Collection - Spear and Art Print. This 6 foot spear is available only for a limited

Price: 60.00 USD
Silver Dragon Sword

Silver Dragon Sword with Aluminum Scabbard. This classic sword is equipped with a 30'' blade constru

Price: 56.40 USD
Asian Dragon Battle Axe with Diplay Stand

Asian Battle Axe. This traditional battle axe is equipped with a 5 1/2'' stainless steel axe head wi

Price: 37.80 USD
Lion Head Cavalry Saber

Lion Head Cavalry Saber - unique piece! Not sure if you would like a Union or Confederate sword -

Price: 30.00 USD
The Chinese Ken Sword

The Chinese Ken Sword - Collectible. This classic Chinese sword or ''Ken'' dates back to the 8th Ce

Price: 45.00 USD
Striking Cobra Set

Striking Cobra Set with Back Strap. These twin cobra swords offer futuristic design and rugged durab

Price: 28.80 USD
Master Barbarian Sword

Master Barbarian Sword. Fantasy and reality merge to create this never before seen sword. the 25 3/4

Price: 52.80 USD
18'' Monster Stiletto

18'' Monster Stiletto. This enormous stiletto is sure to offer all that you expect in a folder! The

Price: 18.00 USD
Everlast? Workout Bag Gloves

Crafted with top grain cowhide leather and nylon reinforced stitching - these gloves will keep you

Price: 37.20 USD
ProForce? Deluxe Reversible Floor Mat

Switch up your floor color or design with these two-sided mats! Each side is a different color to al

Price: 37.80 USD
ProForce? Jigsaw Mats

One of our hottest selling products! Made of ethylene vinyl acetate foam - these mats are thick and

Price: 36.60 USD
ProForce? Add-A-Mat

Looking for a more traditional mat with the potential to expand if necessary? Then check out these N

Price: 172.80 USD
ProForce? Elite Black Leather Boxing Gloves w/Red Palm

These multi-purpose gloves by ProForce? are ideal for martial arts - boxing - cardio and fitness w

Price: 52.80 USD
Clapper Makiwara - Large

Hear the impact with the clapper makiwara! They make a clapping sound when struck because of the slo

Price: 24.60 USD
Adidas? Forearm Protector

Features circular elastic band and hook and loop closures. Made of dipped foam. Officially recognize

Price: 36.60 USD
ProForce? Original Leather Boxing Gloves

Pro leather light design construction. Pre-curved form fit design with flex grip palm. Ultra cuff wr

Price: 37.20 USD
Adidas? Shin Protector

Five vinyl covered sections reduce impact across the shin. A thick insert adds an additional margin

Price: 37.80 USD
ProForce? Headguard - Headgear with Mask

Closed cell foam padding with leatherette covering. Adjustable hook/loop closure on back assures a c

Price: 52.80 USD
Speedball with Platform

Place your foot on the platform and the fun begins. Just screw the spring mounted pole into the plat

Price: 41.40 USD
The Original Century? Wavemaster?

No need to drill holes in your ceiling or waste time steadying the bag after each hit - this free-s

Price: 142.20 USD
BOB from Century?

He's the perfect sparring partner! Practice your techniques and accuracy on this life-like mannequin

Price: 228.60 USD

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