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CMOS battery for Minolta Dimage E203 Nikon Coolpix 3100

Two AA cells side by side in a plastic holder with two contacts on top. This battery is not recharge

Price: 16.88 USD
Battery for Kodak VR35 Ultralife U9VL

Ultralife 9 volt.LithiumVolts: 9

Price: 14.38 USD
CMOS battery for Ansco Duracell Kodak Nikon Olympus Panasonic Samsung

Cylindrical cell with button on top.LithiumVolts: 3

Price: 10.00 USD
Camera battery for Canon Rebel Sure Shot Fuji Endeavor Kodak Duracell

Cylindrical cell with button top.LithiumVolts: 3

Price: 10.00 USD
CMOS battery for AST Contax Databack IBM Thinkpad Duracell CR2025

Coin cell.LithiumVolts: 3N/A

Price: 7.44 USD
Battery for Ansco Chinon Concord Dejur LogiTech Polaroid Duracell

9 volt.AlkalineVolts: 9

Price: 8.13 USD
CMOS battery for Apple MacIntosh Performa Power Mac IBM Thinkpad

1/2AA size cylindrical cell with button top.LithiumVolts: 3.6

Price: 10.94 USD
CMOS battery for AST Fuji Kinon Minox Goldknopf Ricoh Duracell

1/3N size cell.LithiumVolts: 3

Price: 12.38 USD
Camera battery for Canon Powershot A5 Powershot A5 Zoom Powershot A50 S10

Rectangular shape with three contacts on bottom.NiMHVolts: 6Black

Price: 21.88 USD
Charger for Canon Powershot A5 A50 S10 S20

Ultra fast camcorder/digital camera battery chargerVolts: Silver

Price: 56.25 USD
Battery for Kalart Olympus Sanyo Voigtlander Duracell Kodak Philips

CAlkalineVolts: 1.5

Price: 7.50 USD