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"Emachine Cel 2.8GHZ, 256, 80, DVD/CDRW, XP Home"

"The Emachines T3828 2.8 GHz Celeron D desktop is an affordable PC that handles all of your basic co

Price: 499.00 USD
"HP Pavilion A1010N Cel 2.93GHZ, 512MB, 160GB, DVDR-/+RW, XP Home"

"Quickly create custom CDs and DVDs of your favorite music using the the one-touch keyboard control

Price: 675.00 USD
"Emachine Cel 2.8, 256MB, 80GB, CDRW/DVD, XP Home"

"The classy eMachine T3882 sports a great looking semi-gloss black chassis with an attractive front

Price: 469.00 USD
"Emachine Cel 2.93GHZ, 512MB, 80GB, DVDARW, XP Home"

"The Emachines T3958 2.93 GHz Celeron D desktop computer is both powerful and affordable. The Emachi

Price: 519.00 USD
"eMachine T3985 Cel 2.9GHZ, 512MB, 80GB, DVDRW"

"The T3985 gives you excellent performance at an incredible price. You''re ready for work or play. B

Price: 499.00 USD
1.7GHz System 256MB 40GB CD USB /Firewire/ PCMCIA

"Do you need a powerful computer system without the high price tag? This Celeron based system offer

Price: 139.00 USD