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"Cyclone Universal VGA Cooler for Nvidia ATI, SiS Chipsets"

LED inside.All in 1 VGA cooler. Attached the 2 different mounting holes which compatible with

Price: 16.99 USD
Universal vga heat terminator

It can significantly enhance cooling performanceIt is a perfect replacement once a vga cooler

Price: 9.90 USD
ZALMAN VF700-CU 2 Ball Quiet VGA Cooler

" 7-10 degree difference in the VGA Chipset temperature and a 10-15 degree difference in the VG

Price: 39.70 USD
Zalman Dual-Heatpipe Ultra Quiet High Performance VGA Cooler

" Pure copper heatsink base and fins maximize cooling performance.Use of two high performance h

Price: 57.20 USD
Turbo 2 Dual Heatpipe Universal VGA Cooler

" Dual heat pipe design with special welding techniques enable seamless connection between fins

Price: 19.50 USD
ARCTIC COOLING Accelero X2 Fluid Dynamic Bearing VGA Cooling Fan with Heatsink

Extremely quietVoltage converter coolingPatented vibration absorptionUnique cooling performanc

Price: 34.00 USD
All in one vga cooler kit

All in one vga cooler kit with push pin for quick and easy installationPure copper fold fin he

Price: 12.99 USD
Vantec Iceberq 5 Premium VGA Cooling Kit

" All-in-One VGA Cooling KitCompatible with current nVidia & ATi VGA cardsBright, Blue LED FanH

Price: 32.99 USD